Apple: Offering Rich Toys For the Posh Bohemian Hipster since 1979.

Steve Jobs and Macs.I’ve lived without a Desktop for nearly a year now, and I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever go back. I enjoy the portability of my laptop, and I like that simply by closing the lid I can make the computer go away; a luxury that cannot be afforded with a gargantuan gaming desktop. My Alienware m11x has been great at being portable and acting as a desktop replacement, except for one flaw: 11″ is not enough screen room for multitasking on a computer.

I’ve been hoping to find something sleek, larger and more powerful for a while now, and have been doing my best to keep up with the hype mill. However, I won’t probably get around to purchasing anything until August. ¬†Offering a possible companion to my m11x which offers more screen real estate, Apple has just refreshed their 15″ Macbook Pro laptops… starting at $1,800.00. Continue reading Apple: Offering Rich Toys For the Posh Bohemian Hipster since 1979.

Egypt and Nokia: Two Coups, One Market.

nokia logoNokia – a quirky Finnish company which started as a paper mill in 1865, and manufactured car tires and rubber boots into the 1990’s¬† – helped to developed the modern cell phone industry, and has successfully stayed on top of the worldwide market ever since. However, thanks to emergent smartphone competitors like Google’s Android platform and the Apple iPhone, the tide is changing. Nokia has long since lost any footing in the US market and while their global cell phone empire still remains massive, its future is most likely uncertain. Beginning to feel the pains involved in its empire’s systemic decay, Nokia has entered a surprising new partnership with Microsoft. Continue reading Egypt and Nokia: Two Coups, One Market.

Risen from the ashes.

While tinkering with the old VeeDeeOo website last week, I accidentally the whole thing. By the time I was done nothing remained but a dusty Google cache. Hoping for the best I asked Arrakiv to restore one of the site’s backups – which of course failed seeing as all the backups were corrupted and missing half the necessary files for the website.

PhoenixAnyway, if you’ve come here looking for any of the old collaborative blog articles, they’re long gone (except for the single article preceding this mesage which I salvaged to become my first article here). While almost everything was lost, I hope this new website which I have scraped together will eventually come to replace and surpass what was once here. My goals for the new Veedeeoo are simple: here I hope to hone my writing skills and create an entertaining website which showcases my work, ideas, aspirations, and occasionally the wide world of computers.