Apple: Offering Rich Toys For the Posh Bohemian Hipster since 1979.

Steve Jobs and Macs.I’ve lived without a Desktop for nearly a year now, and I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever go back. I enjoy the portability of my laptop, and I like that simply by closing the lid I can make the computer go away; a luxury that cannot be afforded with a gargantuan gaming desktop. My Alienware m11x has been great at being portable and acting as a desktop replacement, except for one flaw: 11″ is not enough screen room for multitasking on a computer.

I’ve been hoping to find something sleek, larger and more powerful for a while now, and have been doing my best to keep up with the hype mill. However, I won’t probably get around to purchasing anything until August.  Offering a possible companion to my m11x which offers more screen real estate, Apple has just refreshed their 15″ Macbook Pro laptops… starting at $1,800.00. I was truly flabbergasted at this price (I honestly shouldn’t have been, Apples have never been cheap), so I immediately decided to comparison shop the Macbook Pro with laptops from other manufacturers. Here’s what I got comparing the Apple to the Alienware m15x: macbook and alienware.

From a hardware perspective, these laptops are absolutely comparable. I will note that the Apple hardware has the advantage in being brand new (you’re looking at around 6 months difference), and is clocked a little faster than the Alienware. However,  I won’t lie in the fact I was honestly disappointed here as I thought the m15x would be more than $425 cheaper than the Macbook. While $2,349 is completely ridiculous for a laptop, so is $1,924. Between the two laptops you’re looking at about a 20% difference in price. In the end, I guess it’s up to you to decide whether the 20% Apple tax is worth the price or not for the new Macbook Pro. I’m definitely going to seriously consider it.