Risen from the ashes.

While tinkering with the old VeeDeeOo website last week, I accidentally the whole thing. By the time I was done nothing remained but a dusty Google cache. Hoping for the best I asked Arrakiv to restore one of the site’s backups – which of course failed seeing as all the backups were corrupted and missing half the necessary files for the website.

PhoenixAnyway, if you’ve come here looking for any of the old collaborative blog articles, they’re long gone (except for the single article preceding this mesage which I salvaged to become my first article here). While almost everything was lost, I hope this new website which I have scraped together will eventually come to replace and surpass what was once here. My goals for the new Veedeeoo are simple: here I hope to hone my writing skills and create an entertaining website which showcases my work, ideas, aspirations, and occasionally the wide world of computers.