Dell Troubles


broken m11x screen

After having some issues with my m11x that Dell Customer Support didn’t want to fix, I wrote this lovely email to Michael Dell ( himself. Didn’t get anything back from Mr. Dell, but they did call me back and sent a technician the next day to fix my issues.

To whom it may concern:

My Alienware laptop’s service tag is: ******. Nearly every hardware component has failed on my laptop during its short lifespan, and now after a recent experience with customer service, I’m afraid what I might be told the next time I have to call Dell about a problem with my laptop.

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Trip to Europe.

Just to let it out there: I spent the entire month of January traversing the continent of Europe, and I’ve been studying in Russia since September. I took over 1,000 pictures and a few videos while I was in Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. When I got back, I decided to put some of it to a 6 minute long music montage.

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It’s called a pointing device.


It was 1972 in Sunny Palo Alto, CA on an early Thursday evening, and Pat was making her last rounds before leaving for home. While depositing a memo in the mailroom, she noticed the lights were still on in R&D. She walked towards the cracked door, clicking her heeled shoes on the polished linoleum, and peeked inside. Typical, the damned programmers were still here and showed no signs of abandoning their posts. Without saying a word she left and went for the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee, and when she returned she finally took notice of their work, “Charles? What in the hell is that thing?”

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